Nominal Interest

In the newest episode of Nominal Interest, catch up on what Priyanka Banerjee, Tom Crowley, James Maccarrone and Sam O’Connor had to say in the aftermath of the Federal Budget, comparing the policies of both Labor and the Liberals. Meanwhile over in the Philippines, the panel discusses how voter theory can explain how a populist mayor advocating for vigilante death squads has been elected the new President.

Nominal Interest


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Check out this week’s reading list:

  • New analysis by the Grattan Institute which dampens the estimated effect of company tax cuts
  • The Sustainability of Recent Philippine Economic Growth by Leonardo A. Lanzona, Jr. provides an excellent overview of the (missed) opportunities in the country
  • Find out more about the Australia-Philippines foreign aid relationship
  • Hotelling’s model on two-party competition as a useful framework for political behaviour

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