Chloe Thai

Chloe is a first year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne. Although Chloe previously saw herself as a somewhat science nerd, in Year 11 Chloe’s love affair with economics was sparked with an appreciation of how economic theory can eloquently explain all the happenings of daily life and the world. As an IT Officer, Chloe is able to simultaneously pursue both her interest in Economics and Information Technology. After the Bachelor of Commerce, Chloe is hoping to pursue a Masters of Software Engineering.

Chloe joined ESSA because she wanted to spread the economics love into the wider community and engage with people who share a common appreciation for economics.

Outside of weighing the opportunity cost of every decision, Chloe is divides her time by obsessing over Japanese Fountain Pens, skiing (when there is actually snow in Australia), and training her dog to one day take over the world.

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