Kunal Patil

Kunal is a First Year Commerce studkunal_patilent at University of Melbourne majoring in economics and finance. After having to endure two painful years of pain and torture (AKA biology and chemistry), he decided to have a go at social sciences instead, thus finding a love for all things economics.
Kunal joined ESSA to find a group of hard-working individuals, who shared a common passion and goal. As a new sub-committee member he hopes to expand his own knowledge of economics whilst sharing the true wonders of economics to all those interested.

When he isn’t studying or playing badminton, you can often find him listening to disconcerting amounts of One Direction songs, surfing the internet for pictures of cute dogs, or yelling at the computer after becoming too emotionally invested in a TV show. If he ever says no to going out for a burger he has most likely been kidnapped and replaced by an alien.

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