Reegan Quick

Reegan is a first year bachelor of commerce reegan_quickstudent at the University of Melbourne, majoring in both accounting and economics. During VCE he was enthralled by economics and its many real word applications, perhaps taking too much of a keen interest in economics, as the rest of his classmates didn’t prove as receptive to his mad ramblings regarding how behavioural economics had invalidated much of what he was taught in class.

Existential economic crisis aside, like any rational decision maker (which apparently don’t exist) he was drawn to ESSA where he felt safe to relish in his love of economics and in turn spread the never ending joys that economics can offer all types of students. As a subcommittee member, Reegan hopes to find where he can efficiently allocate his resources best within ESSA to share the wonders of economics.

Beyond economics, Reegan enjoys a wide  range of seemingly conflicting hobbies, from his hippy tendencies of meditating, drinking herbal tea and living a vegan lifestyle to listening to hardcore death metal (amongst other metal genres) and playing video games.


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