Yaz Naji

Yaz is a First Year Commerce student mayaz_najijoring in Economics and Marketing. Wanting to follow in Paul Keating and Bob Hawke’s footsteps, Yaz has fostered a love for the application of Economics to public policy from a very early age.

Yaz joined ESSA to raise the standard of economic dialogue around campus as he is a firm believer that economics is the best discipline in order analyse the world, and that societal issues can be solved through economic debate and consideration. Yaz especially hopes to highlight the importance of economic theory in public policy throughout his tenure.

In his spare time, Yaz divides his time between obsessing over Italian football team, Juventus, and frequenting the infamous Ringwood Strip, which has taught him almost as much about life as studying economics. A TV and Film snob, one can often find Yaz preaching to his mates in a desperate attempt to get them to watch The Wire, (it’s just so real). Somewhat contradictory to this, Yaz considers comedy metal bands Tenacious D and Steel Panther to be the magnum opus of western music, closely followed by Nickelback and then 80s Power Ballads and 90s Gangsta Rap in general.

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