Do grades really matter?

By · June 15th, 2020

Should you focus on getting good grades at the expense of all else? Ronald Poon investigates.

Is gold a “safe haven” asset amid the coronavirus pandemic?

By · June 9th, 2020

Gold prices have been rising despite large dips in the market due to COVID-19. Hooi San Ng investigates why this is the case.

Why is U.S. Military Spending so High?

By · June 7th, 2020

Raymond He is back to shine some light on US military expenditures, paralleled with a discussion of significant war periods

The Rebound Effect: Shocking (In)Efficiency

By · June 3rd, 2020

One would think that more efficient use of resources leads to less of those resources being consumed. Quite the opposite happens. Joel Lee investigates this paradox.

Fixing our gas woes to power Australia out of recession

By · June 1st, 2020

How will the Australian economy recover following the pandemic that has crippled the globe? Read on as Charlie Francis discusses the viability of increasing our use of gas as an energy source to revive Australia’s production capabilities.

Diversification is strength: Australia’s trade war with China

By · May 28th, 2020

The global pandemic will cause repercussions beyond the policies implemented, join Jeremy as he analyses the Australia-China trade agreement.

Revisiting Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi: Coronavirus edition

By · May 27th, 2020

In 2009, staring down the barrel of the GFC, Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi published their report exploring the shortcomings of GDP and its measurement of wellbeing. In 2020, as we stare down the barrel of a crisis of a different kind, Tingnan Li revisits the report to see if there is any wisdom which may be gleaned.

The bitcoin conundrum: cracking the code on decentralised digital currency

By · May 26th, 2020

Login with Lawrence as he depicts the complexities of Bitcoin, and analyses a medium whose stability persists in this tumultuous time.

Foreign Aid: There are No Free Lunches

By · May 21st, 2020

Foreign aid, a helping hand or a contract to benefit? Raymond He explores two sides of the coin to address concerns of foreign aid

Income share agreements: the student debt crisis and the developing world

By · May 20th, 2020

Selling stock in yourself and using your talent as collateral to cover the rising costs of education? Joel Fernando takes a look at an idea known as income share agreements and their potential applications today and in the future.

What goes up, must come down: An analysis of market bubbles

By · May 14th, 2020

What do tulips, bitcoin and the US housing market have in common? They were all examples of a phenomenon known as market bubbles. Travis Huynh breaks down the common factors between them and delves deeper to find out why these bubbles keep ‘popping up’.

“Embrace, extend and extinguish” – Amor Fati and the Paradox of Recurrence

By · May 12th, 2020

Join James as he explores killer acquisition in the ever-growing business world.

Editors’ Picks: 10 May 2020

By · May 10th, 2020

Kick back as you enjoy the stories you missed, reflect on the week that was and get ready for the next.

This week: The Lucky Country, rule breakers, and Mother’s Day.

The hidden positive externalities of Instagram

By · May 9th, 2020

Instagram and social media often get a bad rap. Could they be more beneficial than we think? Ronald Poon investigates.

“End of globalisation?” – Australia’s move toward self-sufficiency after COVID-19

By · May 7th, 2020

COVID-19 has shaken up world trade and supply-chains, forcing countries to rethink their reliance on importing essential items. Charlie Francis examines Australia’s current position and how our economy might look post-coronavirus.

A look at the Hong Kong government’s economic responses to coronavirus

By · May 5th, 2020

In times of uncertainty, what actions are being taken by the Hong Kong government to combat the declining business environment? Klinsmann Lee explores some of the major relief measures implemented by the Hong Kong government.

What does climate change mean for you?

By · May 4th, 2020

Join Charles on his expedition to delve into the crux of climate change.

Editors’ Picks: 3 May 2020

By · May 3rd, 2020

Every Sunday, let the editorial team provide your weekly roundup of interesting stories, normally from the realm of economics. This week: probability statements, flowers and princesses.

Econometrics: A Closer Look

By · May 2nd, 2020

Sao Yang Hew breaks down econometrics as a philosophy, its relevance and its meaning as a standalone discipline

The adverse effects of information asymmetry

By · May 1st, 2020

What do murder mysteries and car sales have in common? Edward Meehan explores the ramifications of imperfect information in creating inefficient markets.

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