In fiscal jeopardy? An appraisal of the Japanese sovereign debt crisis

By · September 5th, 2020

Join Lawrence as he traverses through past and present to evaluate whether the Japanese sovereign debt level is truly a cause for concern, in light of the economic and political challenges that Japan and the world face today.

The economics of free childcare in Australia

By · September 3rd, 2020

Few countries in the world require children to be in a classroom before they turn 6. Could Australia use this crisis to step into the breach? Charlie Francis takes a look.

The Finnish education model: stop romanticising, start doing

By · September 2nd, 2020

Is the Finnish education model just another example of Nordic exceptionalism, or does it offer something more? Jessica Tang explores.

Not so super: How the Superannuation Early Release Scheme affects all Australians

By · September 2nd, 2020

The quick onset of COVID-19 has instigated policy makers to think on their feet. Travis Huynh evaluates the recent superannuation policy

Book Review: Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

By · August 31st, 2020

There’s a lot to be learned about economics beyond lecture halls, journals and the news. Books can provide a holistic, sometimes radically different, perspective on the role of economics. What can we learn from these books? With our new weekly book review, ESSA intends to find out. Read on for our review of the first book: Freakonomics

Occupational licensing – The case for and against

By · August 28th, 2020

Most people would agree that some kind of regulation is needed to prevent unqualified surgeons from operating or unqualified tradesmen from performing unsafe repairs. However, the introduction of licenses to an increasing number of jobs raises questions about whether the benefits always outweigh the costs. Edward Meehan investigates.

Gross domestic happiness

By · August 27th, 2020

Join Joel as he discusses the idea of using economic policy in the current situation to springboard into a happier and more productive future.

Is Tiktok spying on you?

By · August 26th, 2020

TikTok- it’s best known for its memes and viral dance crazes, but underneath this light-hearted exterior are serious conversations about privacy, spying and international intrigue! Hooi San Ng explores the cyber-espionage allegations surrounding Tiktok.

The money tree: How the Americans and Brits responded to COVID

By · August 24th, 2020

How does Australia’s economic response to COVID-19 compare to the rest of the world? Join Pinidu as he takes a scalpel to assess the stimulus packages from Washington and Westminster.


By · August 21st, 2020

Are you struggling to keep up with online lectures and deadlines while studying at home? Are you easily distracted by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Reddit? Don’t miss out on these tips based on evidence from behavioural economics and psychology. Say no to 3 a.m. assignments!

ESSA x CAINZ DEBATE: Is Keynesian economics dead?

By · August 21st, 2020

Join ESSA and CAINZ as we have some (friendly) debates on various of commerce related topics.

How aged care wages paint a powerful narrative of glaring inequality

By · August 19th, 2020

An insightful articulation by Hugo of the medical sector’s changes in lifestyle.

Afterpay – challenging credit providers

By · August 17th, 2020

Afterpay is one company that seems to be thriving in the current landscape. Alexander Vounisios takes a closer look at their business model and the reasons for the organisation’s recent success.

Market Monetarism Maybe? The Case for Nominal GDP Targeting in Australia

By · August 16th, 2020

It’s time to move on from inflation targeting, a rules-based approach to monetary policy that stabilises nominal income growth can ensure financial stability and economic prosperity for the Australian economy.

Economics of media

By · August 9th, 2020

Join Nigel as he delves into the psychoanalysis of what media truly is.

Do grades really matter?

By · June 15th, 2020

Should you focus on getting good grades at the expense of all else? Ronald Poon investigates.

Is gold a “safe haven” asset amid the coronavirus pandemic?

By · June 9th, 2020

Gold prices have been rising despite large dips in the market due to COVID-19. Hooi San Ng investigates why this is the case.

Why is U.S. Military Spending so High?

By · June 7th, 2020

Raymond He is back to shine some light on US military expenditures, paralleled with a discussion of significant war periods

The Rebound Effect: Shocking (In)Efficiency

By · June 3rd, 2020

One would think that more efficient use of resources leads to less of those resources being consumed. Quite the opposite happens. Joel Lee investigates this paradox.

Fixing our gas woes to power Australia out of recession

By · June 1st, 2020

How will the Australian economy recover following the pandemic that has crippled the globe? Read on as Charlie Francis discusses the viability of increasing our use of gas as an energy source to revive Australia’s production capabilities.

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