In our name: 2000 stories of misery on Nauru

By · August 14th, 2016

2000 incident reports leaked from the Nauru Regional Processing Centre tell a harrowing story of suffering. Leon Obrenov reflects on a national shame.

The Backpacker Tax: just more money in the government’s rucksack?

By · August 11th, 2016

Tourists flock to Australia every year for a working holiday, taking advantages of Australia’s comparatively generous policies for visitors who want to work and travel. However, that might all be about to change, and tourists and employers alike aren’t happy.

The Endorsement Game

By · August 10th, 2016

In a politically polarised America where the major party nominees are widely resented, who have the influential chosen to back? Eddie Go dissects the strategies and rationale behind endorsing (or even shunning) a presidential contender.

Why lemons don’t always make lemonade: The importance of information asymmetry

By · August 5th, 2016

Is perfect completion feasible in a world where there is imperfect knowledge? Edmund Kemsley explores how information asymmetry can lead to market degradation and, in extreme cases, failure.

The Economics of Beauty and Discrimination

By · August 3rd, 2016

‘Suvi Lokuge investigates whether it pays to be pretty.’

An economist’s lunch: optimisation in the Union House food court

By · July 31st, 2016

Sabre Konidaris takes the calculator to the counter in a quest to find the most efficient lunch on campus

Household income equality: changing families or changing pay-cheques?

By · July 29th, 2016

Statistics show that income inequality in the US is rising. However, Taylor Nugent explores how this problem is much less the fault of the labour market than people realise.

Seeing through: national reform on political donations

By · July 27th, 2016

Australia has some of the most relaxed laws on making political donations. Eloise Hesse explores how this allows undue influence from donors, while leaving voters in the dark.

Lock, stock and pork barrel: why it pays to be in a marginal seat

By · July 24th, 2016

With the second recount for the seat of Herbert beginning tomorrow night, one thing’s for sure: marginal seats get a lot of attention. What might a swing against an incumbent mean for you?

An innovative solution to drug policing?

By · July 7th, 2016

Can you incentivise a drug dealer to rat on the competition? Roland Allen channels his inner Escobar to find out.

Election 2016: a reflection

By · July 4th, 2016

Kasun Yakupitiyage offers his thoughts on a chaotic and confusing election night. With the outcome still very much to be decided, Kasun sees worrying and uncertain times look ahead for Australia regardless of who forms government.

Election Hangover: ESSA Explains

By · July 3rd, 2016

Tom Crowley and Sam O’Connor kick off ESSA’s post-election coverage

Double Dissolution, Double Jeopardy: The Senate

By · July 3rd, 2016

Sam O’Connor dives into Election 2016’s early Senate results

Australia Doesn’t Quite Decide: The House of Reps

By · July 3rd, 2016

Tom Crowley surveys the landscape in the Lower House after a tumultuous election night.

Election 2016: The Taxation Debate

By · July 2nd, 2016

From multinational tax avoidance to GST to everything tax related, ESSA’s Louise Yun takes a look at the changes to the tax system that are proposed by the Liberals, the ALP and the Greens.

Election 2016: Same Sex Marriage

By · July 2nd, 2016

The push for same sex marriage has gained more and more momentum in recent years. Eddie Go contrasts the different attitudes and policies towards same sex marriage espoused by our major political parties.

Election 2016: Asylum Seeker Policy

By · July 2nd, 2016

Australia’s asylum seeker policy has always been a hot topic of political debate. ESSA’s Eloise Hesse explores how each major political party intends to tackle the controversial issue.

Election 2016: Budget Overview

By · July 2nd, 2016

Too often, the ALP and Liberal Party pit themselves against each other, denouncing each others policies and arguing that their own are superior. ESSA’s Justin Liu digs deeper and uncovers some significant similarities in their policies.

Election 2016: The Innovation Agenda

By · July 2nd, 2016

With talk of an ‘ideas boom’ being the next ‘mining boom’, it is clear that Australians are now investing in innovation to grow the economy. ESSA’s Solomon Zhang compares the strategies proposed by the major political parties to spur and strengthen national research and innovation.

Election 2016: Youth unemployment

By · July 1st, 2016

Sam O’Connor compares the two major parties’ policies on their proposals to help young jobseekers find employment.

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