Alex Millmow

Alex Millmow

Alex Millmow teaches economics at Federation University, Ballarat. He has previously worked at the Commonwealth Treasury, and was also founder and co-editor of the Journal of Social and Economic Policy.

Economics: an intro

By · February 25th, 2016

Alex Millmow, Professor in Economics at Federation University, provides new students and those returning to their studies in economics with some valuable advice, as well as a reflection on how the way the teaching of economics has changed in the past four decades.

The wrong opinions of defunct economists

By · March 21st, 2015

Smith, Marx, Malthus, Keynes, Schumpeter: the history of economics is a meeting of megaminds, writes HETSA President Alex Millmow.

Rock and roll, I gave you the best years of my life

By · February 23rd, 2015

How much has an economics degree evolved over the years? Academic Alex Millmow offers incoming students an account of his experience.

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