Alex Woodruff

Alex Woodruff

Alexandria is a student at Macquarie University, completing her Masters of Research in Economics. She enjoys writing about economic policy, especially monetary policy. When not studying or writing she can be found playing hockey or touch football.

The EU QE experience so far

By · July 27th, 2015

In March 2015 the EU started its QE program. For success to be achieved it must navigate the secondary bond market, secrecy in bond purchases, and Greece.

The US Quantitative Easing experience

By · May 27th, 2015

Alex Woodruff wonders are US central bankers the most optimistic economists around? If not, why did they turn to QE and did it pay off?

The early Japanese QE experience

By · April 26th, 2015

QE is the new kid on the block of monetary policy but the verdict is out on its efficacy. As more central banks turn to QE to ease zero interest rate woes, Alex Woodruff wonders how this practice hit the mainstream.

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