Alexander Vounisios

Alexander Vounisios

COVID-19 in the realm of insurance

By · September 17th, 2020

With the pandemic impacting every market participant, how has the insurance industry coped with its increased demand? Join Alexander Vounisios to understand how the industry is currently operating and what the future of insurance may look like.

Afterpay – challenging credit providers

By · August 17th, 2020

Afterpay is one company that seems to be thriving in the current landscape. Alexander Vounisios takes a closer look at their business model and the reasons for the organisation’s recent success.

COVID-19 and how the future of the EU hinges on its response to this virus

By · April 23rd, 2020

The impact of the global pandemic is being felt across the world. Read on, as Alexander Vounisios discusses how the coronavirus could shape the future of the European Union.

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