Alice He

Alice He

Alice is a second year JD student at the University of Melbourne and completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in statistics for her undergraduate studies.

Alice is interested by the way economic thought permeates many other disciplines which is why she joined the ESSA writing team - to expose economic thought in novel situations.

When Alice is busy she likes to make time to do the things she would otherwise do in her elusive spare time. Such things include browsing book stores for books she is unlikely to read in the near future and playing stressful board games such as Pandemic.

Can consultants save universities?

By · July 4th, 2014

Alice He discusses the merits of universities hiring external consultants to streamline operations.

The myths of university deregulation

By · May 16th, 2014

With further deregulation of higher education on the horizon, some students are crying out against ‘corporate universities’. Alice He examines whether such concerns are justified.

A tale of two classes: China’s hukou-based discrimination – Part 2

By · April 20th, 2014

Following an overview of hukou’s history, Alice He’s second instalment discusses how China’s economic development depends on its rural migrant workers – the unofficial lower class of modern China.

A brief history of China’s ‘hukou’ system – Part 1

By · March 14th, 2014

This first instalment in Alice He’s series enlightens readers on a system of geographical division and hence inequality that exists in China today.

Should student athletes get paid?

By · October 30th, 2013

Alice He discusses the money and economics behind college athletics.

Out of their league

By · October 10th, 2013

There is, to use the unfortunate pun, ‘much madness’ in the dismal reality of college athletes being academically out of their league.

Equilibrium: the non-excludability of good ideas

By · October 2nd, 2013

Blast from the past: Alice He reflects on innovative and riveting reads from Equilibrium 2012 in anticipation of this year’s release on October 10.

Top Ten Tweets: your Q& A digest in 140 characters or less

By · September 13th, 2013

Missed our Q&A? ESSA gives a recap in palatable, bite-size proportions.

The economics behind the asylum seeker policy

By · August 29th, 2013

Alice He tackles the hard questions – both economic and legal – arising from Labor’s PNG solution. What you need to know to ask your own for the upcoming Q&A.

Should you be studying?

By · February 17th, 2013

With everyone clamouring for further education for their own benefit, we may collectively stand to lose out. The negative impacts of rising education expectations and standards are examined in greater depth.

Do Tertiary Subsidies affect Tertiary Accessibility?

By · December 30th, 2012

Government subsidies attempt to keep tertiary education from costing an arm and a leg, but are such funds well spent? Cutting such subsidies to improve the system is a contrary approach, but may hold hidden merit.

How to Win at Life

By · October 21st, 2012

Applying game theory to evolution and natural selection.

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