Anisha Kidd

Anisha Kidd

Anisha is a second year Commerce student majoring in Economics and Finance. She was attracted to economics as a means to better understand how the world works and in turn how people behave. Throughout her reading she has become more aware of the blurred line between economic consciousness and rationality and is spurred to discover more about where exactly they fit together. She joined ESSA to increase her understanding of the ideas and concepts that shape (often unknowingly) our everyday lives.

She’s a voracious reader of everything from ‘Think Fast Think Slow’ to ‘Paul Keating; A Biography’ to ‘Divergent’ and when not reading she likes to play hockey, google the royals and catch up on Greys Anatomy.

Does being an economist make me a bad person?

By · April 9th, 2014

In her ESSA debut, Anisha Kidd examines the blurred lines between economics and ethics.

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