Aristidi Armstrong

Aristidi Armstrong

I'm a fifth year Monash University student, currently studying a bachelor degree in Commerce and Law. I have studied economics as part of the commerce side of the degree and was instantly interested by it; mostly due the vast amount of relevance economics has on our everyday lives. Further, we are currently living through very fascinating, albeit difficult, economic times in some places in the world and it is often worth examining and debating the actions that our world leaders are taking, regarding the global economy.  I wish to publicize my considered opinion on economic matters and topical issues of national and worldwide importance, whilst listening to other viewpoints, and I feel that the perfect way to achieve this is as a writer for ESSA. I am proud to be part of the ESSA publications team in 2015.

Abbott’s plan for North Australia: A brief overview

By · October 1st, 2015

What is the economic rationale behind transforming North Australia?

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2015 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

A tale of two economies: From Australia to Europe – Part 2

By · April 28th, 2015

“Any unsustainable growth in cost of living in either Australia or Europe would be followed by a deflationary crash, which would have devastating economic effects.”

A tale of two economies: From Australia to Europe—Part 1

By · April 2nd, 2015

How do economic theory and banking practices vary between cultures? Ari Armstrong shares his personal insights gained from the International Study Program in Banking and Finance.

The theocracy: an economist’s lament

By · March 3rd, 2014

Aristidi Armstrong makes the case for governments keeping their decision making free of religious influences – the economy will thank them for it!

Why the AFL is killing Australian sport

By · October 7th, 2013

Aristidi Armstrong adopts an economic rationalist’s view of the tactics the Australian Rules Football League is adopting to crush rugby league and rugby union in its own heartland; Western Sydney and Queensland, and why it seems to be succeeding.

Safe as houses: the international appeal of the Australian property market

By · September 23rd, 2013

Why have Asian investors flocked to the Australian property market? Aristidi Armstrong dissects the reasons we should expect a lot more foreign capital.

USA: The United States of Africa – could and should it happen?

By · September 3rd, 2013

Ari Armstrong explores the merits of the proposal for a United States of Africa.

Uruguayan parliament lights up the legalisation debate

By · August 13th, 2013

Against the backdrop of Uruguay’s legalisation of marijuana, Aristidi Armstrong discusses the effect this policy move will have on the citizens of Uruguay and on attitudes towards “pot”.

Move over BRICS, the “Next Eleven” has emerged

By · April 21st, 2013

Despite their vast differences, the Next 11 are powerful forces to look out for. An introduction to some of the world’s next up-and-comers.

The Australian F1 Grand Prix: Melbourne’s Economic Failure?

By · March 31st, 2013

Aristidi Armstrong assesses whether the premium that Victoria pays for the ‘global branding’ and consumer spending that the F1 Grand Prix delivers really outweigh the tangible effects flowing from it.

Eurozone Problems Intensify as Italy Rejects ‘Austerity Cage’

By · March 15th, 2013

In the February elections Italy voted resoundingly against austerity. Is this merely the latest in an unfortunate chain of events within the Eurozone – triggered by the global slowdown – or the symptom of a deeper systemic problem?

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