Callum Filshie

Callum Filshie

Callum is a final year commerce student majoring in Economics and Marketing. With an acute interest in technology and economics, Callum desires to work in the field of tech consulting after (eventually) graduating.

Callum joined ESSA as a writer in 2017 out of his love for applied economic theory. He frequently uses it to explain some of life’s most pressing perplexities, from why bitcoin will not be an effective long run substitute for hard currency to his (lack of) success on Tinder. Inspired in seeing ESSA’s value as a society for all members, Callum now serves as a Marketing Officer for 2018 and hopes to extend his positive experience to others.

Outside of uni, Callum has a longstanding habit of participating in activities which shorten his lifespan considerably. Between riding motorcycles, skiing, and operating an automotive services business Callum constantly strives to engage in activities which reduce the likelihood of paying his impending student debt in full. He also claims to read widely however, in reality he has been stuck on Machiavelli’s The Prince for the last 6 months and spends whatever spare time he finds watching and re-watching crime dramas such as Peaky Blinders.

Tech Disruption: How has the As-A-Service Business Model Impacted the Labour Market?

By · April 2nd, 2018

Due to the impact of globalisation many companies are outsourcing their IT departments in order to remain competitive. But how will this shift affect employees in the IT workforce? Callum Filshie explains.

Going Premium

By · April 30th, 2017

Callum Filshie explores how some premium subscription apps are much more worthwhile than others, despite all taking advantage of usage pressure.

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