Catherine Paquette

Catherine Paquette

Pensions: The need for present action to prevent future problems

By · March 4th, 2015

Retirement seems a long way off for a uni student. But if we don’t reform now, what will your pension look like when you retire? Catherine Paquette explains.

Micro-units: problem or solution?

By · September 18th, 2014

When is a house too small? Catherine Paquette inspects the micro-unit.

The effect of omitting unpaid work from national accounts

By · May 29th, 2014

GDP calculations do not account for unpaid work, to the detriment of society and working women in particular.

The economic advantages of disabled labour inclusion

By · May 1st, 2014

Australia’s disability spending is projected to balloon. Catherine Paquette proposes a solution to make all better off—not just economically.

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