Charlie Lyons Jones

Charlie Lyons Jones

Charlie is in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese at the University of Melbourne. Although Charlie has never studied Economics at university, the subject was one of his favourites at school. The history of economic thought, the philosophy of economics and the international political economy of Northeast Asia are his main interests. He expects to write on these issues with the ESSA. Surfing, skateboarding and reading Spanish poetry are things he likes to do when not twiddling his thumbs or studying Chinese.

Why Australia won’t ‘pivot to China’

By · April 20th, 2017

Charlie Lyons Jones explores why a ‘pivot’ to China is not on the cards for Australia, despite the increasing connections between the two states.

Corporate jargon: the woes of a lonely pedant

By · October 9th, 2015

The rise of corporate jargon has set us on the short path to banal uniformity, laments Charlie Lyons Jones

Into the Asian Century: China, Australia and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

By · July 12th, 2015

What will China’s bank look like, and what will it mean for Australia?

Taxing emissions or trading them? A question for Turnbull

By · April 17th, 2015

Charlie Lyons Jones discusses the merits and demerits of a tax on the emission of carbon dioxide and of an Emissions Trading Scheme.

An embassy in Kazakhstan?

By · December 31st, 2013

Australia’s relationship with Kazakhstan is an important one, and it warrants the opening of an embassy in the capital.

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