Charlie Mei

Charlie Mei

Charlie is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Economics and Finance. He enjoys Economics because of its logical application to the real world. Topics of interest include: game theory, economic development and history. When not reading all things economics, Charlie can be found playing tennis, soccer or futsal.

Reconstructing corruption to spur growth

By · February 15th, 2016

What can history teach us about economic prosperity and the structure of a country’s corruption? As fresh elections have brought about a new leader, can Nigeria finally achieve prosperity and rise as a leading African power?

A slow crawl up from death

By · August 24th, 2015

Charlie Mei discusses the effects of the Black Death, and what it means for economies today.

Another kind of dilemma

By · July 29th, 2015

Strategic interaction is not unique to humans. Charlie Mei shows how select species have proved apt at solving some of game theory’s most famous problems.

The development of interconnected markets

By · May 16th, 2015

Charlie Mei discusses the proliferation of e-commerce in developing nations, and what this means for market efficiency.

To greener pastures?

By · April 13th, 2015

As Australia enters into new free trade agreements, Charlie Mei discusses the implications and the compensation needed for the workers left behind.

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