Chris Weinberg

Chris Weinberg

I'm a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce (2012), majoring in Economics and a breadth track in Politics & International Studies. I'll be undertaking an Honours year in Economics this year with a focus on Experimental Economics. I've always been passionate about the study of economics and how it's influenced by political actors. Inside the discipline, my particular passions are in international economics, gamification to improve social outcomes and fiscal policy. I'm an avid follower of American politics and the influence that social media has on the way politicians engage with the media and their fellow citizens; you can follow me on Twitter @CRJWeinberg.

Passing on a passion for teaching

By · July 3rd, 2015

ESSA and UniMelb Alumnus and Teach For Australia Associate Christopher Weinberg welcomes his former Professor, Neville Norman, to teach his Year 12 Economics class, and share his passion for teaching.

Wisdom via iTunes: Understanding the booming podcast market and what’s worth a listen

By · December 4th, 2014

Chris Weinberg dissects the rise, fall, and rise again of podcasts.

Life in the country – how do regional economies cope in the 21st century?

By · July 4th, 2014

Chris Weinberg reflects on Portland’s role in a changing Australian economy.

Unemployment in America: the forgotten economic crisis

By · February 24th, 2014

Most of Washington’s economic debate is over the long-standing budget deficit and the national debt, when the focus for policymakers should be on the long-term crisis in unemployment.

After 4 years of economics, now what?

By · November 2nd, 2013

As his time as a student of Economics at the University of Melbourne comes to an end, Chris reflects on his four years of study and looks ahead to the future as a somewhat qualified economist.

The US government shutdown – any end in sight?

By · October 9th, 2013

Chris Weinberg provides a comprehensive overview of the ongoing crisis and also examines the incentives that are influencing the key players’ decisions.

Election 2013 – Abbott’s agenda up for amendment?

By · September 18th, 2013

What will the election of many micro-parties to the Senate mean for implementing Tony Abbott’s agenda? Chris Weinberg considers the potential political and policy benefits that may arise from September 7th’s electoral outcome.

Election 2013 – let’s talk tax reform!

By · August 26th, 2013

Chris Weinberg explores why tax reform has been missing from the election campaign and outlines the case for three fundamental tax reforms that would make the tax system simpler, fairer and more efficient.

Permanent Crises, Bitter Politics and Weak Policy – The New Reality of US Budgets

By · August 6th, 2013

Christopher Weinberg sheds light on the worrying plight for American politics, set in motion by the clashes between Democrats and Republicans. Whether the role President Barack Obama has in achieving bipartisan consensus is an achievable one is certainly something that Weinberg causes one to call into question.

Rogoff & Reinhart – Excel, Austerity and #StatsFAIL

By · May 31st, 2013

What’s this firestorm in the economic world over Rogoff & Reinhart all about and what does it say about how economists use statistics?

The joy of debating economics … Seriously!

By · May 20th, 2013

Fresh off a victory for the University of Melbourne, Chris reflects on the fun and challenge of debating economics.

The Intern Experience – Public Policy Reform, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

By · April 28th, 2013

Whilst interning at the Grattan Institute over Summer 2012/13, Chris gained unique insights into the complexity of research and public policy reform.

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