Chris Weinberg

Chris Weinberg

I'm a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce (2012), majoring in Economics and a breadth track in Politics & International Studies. I'll be undertaking an Honours year in Economics this year with a focus on Experimental Economics. I've always been passionate about the study of economics and how it's influenced by political actors. Inside the discipline, my particular passions are in international economics, gamification to improve social outcomes and fiscal policy. I'm an avid follower of American politics and the influence that social media has on the way politicians engage with the media and their fellow citizens; you can follow me on Twitter @CRJWeinberg.

The US Budget – Petty Politics Equals Poor Policy

By · April 14th, 2013

The signs of compromise between President Obama and Congressional Republicans on the US Budget have been fleeting. Weinberg looks to whether there actually any areas of common ground between the two.

Book Review: The Signal and the Noise

By · March 17th, 2013

The in-vogue statistician, Nate Silver, provides readers with some remarkable insights into the art of prediction and forecasting in his bestselling debut.

The Fiscal Cliff – A Done Deal, But How Good?

By · January 6th, 2013

President Obama and Congress have averted the fiscal cliff. But with a deal forged after months of bitter partisan debate, how good is the final deal and what does it portend for the US economy?

The Fiscal Cliff – Where are we at?

By · December 8th, 2012

Now that Barack Obama has secured his re-election, how will he negotiate with Congressional Republicans to avert the much-feared, Fiscal Cliff, the scheduled expiration of tax cuts and cuts to social and defence spending in the new year?

America Votes – 15 Days To Go

By · October 21st, 2012

In one of Chris’ final articles for the semester, he previews the increasingly narrow Presidential Election and what to expect from the final fortnight of the campaign.

America Votes – The Land of Great Contrasts

By · September 30th, 2012

Read Chris’ insights into the American Presidential Election and Economy, as he finishes his two-week trip.

America Votes – 45 Days Out

By · September 23rd, 2012

Follow Chris’ commentary on the upcoming US Presidential elections as he travels through the eye of the storm, America.

Student Recap – ESSA Q&A

By · August 19th, 2012

A students’ perspective of the inaugural ESSA Q&A event on Thursday 16th August.

America Votes – Three Months Out

By · August 5th, 2012

A summary of the key issues which will influence the minds of voters in the upcoming presidential elections in America.

The Curious Case of US Unemployment

By · May 20th, 2012

An update on the political and economic climate of the United States: specifically the curious beast of unemployment.

Putting the Australian Budget in a Global Context

By · May 6th, 2012

There will be a lot of people tuning into Wayne Swan’s budget speech on Tuesday night, and not just from within Australia.

The Buffett Rule – Election Year Politics or a Path to Fairness?

By · April 29th, 2012

By virtue of the prevailing political climate, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway’s proposal to redress this glaring disparity in tax fairness would become the centerpiece of President Obama’s economic policies and part of his campaign message for re-election.

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