Cynthia Huang

Cynthia Huang

Cynthia Huang is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student at The University of Melbourne, majoring in economics and management. She is passionate about economics because she finds studying economics trains her to think carefully about the world and the assumptions she carries in her day to day life. She joined ESSA because enjoys writing about impact giving, social innovation, and the behavioural side of economics, as well as defending the dismal science that is economics to naysayers. Aside from writing for ESSA, she also enjoys splurging on the endless gastronomical delights Melbourne has to offer, and blogging about her life dilemmas.

Do donations achieve lasting social impact?

By · May 21st, 2014

Cynthia Huang examines the problems with the way we donate, and the difference in buying short-term relief and investing in long-term social change.

Myths of the third sector: executive pay

By · April 30th, 2014

Can you make a fortune running a charity? Cynthia Huang examines the intricacies behind non-profit executive remuneration.

The Economic Man 2.0

By · March 26th, 2014

Cynthia Huang examines the link between technology and economics. Can gadgets enhance human rationality?

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