Dan Clayton-Chubb and John Davis

Dan Clayton-Chubb and John Davis

Dan is a fourth year medical student studying the Doctor of Medicine. He started doing a Commerce/Science double degree but got lost on the way. Fortunately, ESSA found him and he’s back writing on things that interest him: politics, philosophy, economics, and where the three collide. When not saving lives (read: doing paperwork) he enjoys powerlifting and incredibly expensive coffee.



In his final year of Medicine at the University of Melbourne John began writing for ESSA to further pursue his interests in knowing how to improve the health of societies and communities, not just individuals. He finds himself drawn to classical texts which have stood the test of time, as opposed to seemingly invincible modern Nobel prize winning fads, and the interactions of health and utility (both social and personal).

When not writing for ESSA John researches health economics. When not working at all, he travels around Melbourne searching for the perfect coffee fix for his addiction, and annoying his housemates with loud music.


Dan and John write all their articles together.


A life – how much is it worth?

By · March 10th, 2015

How much is your life worth? Your health? Both in Australia and globally, healthcare costs are rising in real terms and as a proportion of GDP. The discussion around this in the media and policy centres on this fact, and solutions are proposed to change how much we spend; less effort is expended on analysing how we spend it. We propose that health economics is flawed both in its implementation and its theory.

Thinking, fast or slow: can you do it?

By · June 25th, 2014

Dan and John are here to convince you that your life will be drastically better if you read Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow”.

Paying for universal healthcare

By · May 9th, 2014

Is a GP co-payment a good idea? Medical students Dan and John share their view.

David Graeber, UOI an explanation

By · April 16th, 2014

Dan Clayton-Chubb and John Davis respond to a recent Guardian piece by David Graeber.

Neoliberal foundations: an introduction to Friedrich Hayek

By · April 2nd, 2014

In their ESSA debut, Dan Clayton-Chubb and John Davis (two medical students and soon to be doctors) commence an exploration into one of history’s greatest thinkers.

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