Dean Pagonis

Dean Pagonis

I am a passionate BCom student majoring in Economics and Finance at the University of Melbourne. My interest in economics began in high school, after being taught by acclaimed IB Economics teacher Mr Bradshaw. For me, economics gives clarity and rationality to a very complex, interconnected world. I currently works as a tutor in the faculty, and as a Research Assistant to Professor Jeff Borland in the Department of Economics at University of Melbourne, with previous experience in policy in the public and private sectors. I have aspirations to complete post-graduate studies in Economics overseas before moving into the economics profession in some capacity. Outside of study, I am an avid football fan and has a slight addiction to FIFA.


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Car Subsidies Delaying the Inevitable

By · February 12th, 2012

The Federal government announced recently that they will continue to support the Australian car industry through ‘co-investment’

The Unhealthy Surplus Obsession

By · January 29th, 2012

One of Australia’s prominent business commentators, Alan Kohler, summed it up perfectly in his contribution to today’s Business Spectator: As everyone in business knows, a forecast is just a forecast. In times like these, it’s not even that; it’s a guess that you hope won’t look too stupid. The chances that Wayne Swan, dubbed the […]

Struggles of the Australian Retail Sector

By · January 21st, 2012

I was watching an episode of one of my favourite political TV shows, The Drum (Mon-Fri, ABC News 24 at 6pm) when Dick Smith was introduced as the program guest. I watched with bewilderment as Smith began ranting and raving – it went something like this: “(without the GST revenue from electronic retail sales) we […]

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