Esther Ziebell

Esther Ziebell

As an Arts student, my passion for economics began in first year breadth, as a result I embarked on a double major in Economics and History. Economics had shown me new ways to structure thought and analyse situations, enhancing all of my studies. Consequently I was attracted to the prospect of being involved in ESSA. My background in Arts positions me well as an editor and writer. I am thoroughly excited about the opportunities of editing and writing for ESSA.

Our Future as Economists

By · September 12th, 2012

Good old Clarke and Dawe.

‘Deficit’ – A Dirty Word In Politics

By · March 18th, 2012

Minister for Finance, Penny Wong has released an eight page booklet outlining the ALP’s costings of the opposition’s policy pledges entitled Pre-Budget Deficit: Tony Abbott and the Coalition. Of course, the public doesn’t expect all such pledges to be implemented, but if they were, Labor predicts that the Coalition would put the budget $9 million into deficit, in 2012-13. The figure does not include savings the Coalition has promised to find: it is to be noted that the Coalition has failed to point out where these savings were to be made.

Will Market Confidence Fall Amid Labor Struggles?

By · February 26th, 2012

The Labor governments leadership struggles over the past week has fixated the nation. On 22 February, following weeks of reports of tension, Kevin Rudd stepped down as Foreign Minister. The next day Julia Gillard called a leadership ballet and by 23 February Rudd confirmed he would contest the leadership. Opinions polls have shown Rudd to be preferred Prime Minister to Gillard however whom the caucus prefers is still mere speculation.

Should South Africa Legalise the Rhino Horn Trade?

By · January 29th, 2012

Rhino hunting has reached record heights in South Africa, prompting the government to address requests for establishing a legal market of Rhino horns to combat poaching. Rhinos are currently on the ICUN Red List as critically endangered. Conservation society WWF estimated the Black Rhino population has decrease by 95% since the 1980s, from 75,000 to […]

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