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Replay: ESSA Q&A

Watch it all here!

Amid quips of whinging farmers, painful two-speed bicycle analogies and “slavery” at the IPA, the panel, consisting of James Paterson, W. Max Corden, George Megalogenis, Neville Norman, Stephen Koukoulas and moderator Stephen Long, gave the ESSA Q&A audience quite a few insights into the immigration and two-speed economy debates currently embroiling Australia.

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Relive ESSA Q&A!

In case you missed it, or want to hear it again, here is the audio of the night.

Left Right Think Tank

Last week ESSA proudly announced its new affiliation with Left-Right Think Tank, a youth-led non-partisan public policy body. Founded by Thom Woodroofe and Richard Newnham in 2008, Left-Right was created to provide young people with the opportunity to contribute to public policy discussion without being limited by the constraints of the political spectrum. In doing so, it aims to create a society where young people are consulted and lead discussion on national issues.

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ESSA hits local Melbourne Radio Station!

ESSA had its radio debut this week, with Publications Director Dean Pagonis interviewed by Karl Williamson (‘The Renegade Economist) on local Melbourne Radio Station, 3CR. Karl first noticed ESSA, and Dean more particularly during the Australian Conference of Economists, as he caught on to Dean’s tweeting from the Conference. He was then drawn to the ESSA website,, where he read Dean’s personal reflections on the conference each day.

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ESSA Trivia Night – with Economics Alumni

Thirteen tables battled it out for the inaugural first prize last Thursday at the Clyde Hotel. Karen, our president and MC for the night led us through two rounds of trivia, spanning from sports and current affairs to economics and pop culture.

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“Exciting things that happen to Economists” with Neville Norman

Any course at university is founded in clearly defined theories and thought processes,
perhaps none more so than Economics. Students have to consume a lot of new concepts,
which leaves many asking what they have to know, rather than asking where this new-found
knowledge can take them. It was a privilege to have Associate Professor Neville Norman
answer the latter question, and commence ESSA’s public lecture series.

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Economics at Ernst and Young Recap!

As a student who has been keen to gain professional work experience with my degree, finding the right company has been difficult. So often I have seen the big accounting firms come to campus and immediately assumed that they are only interested in accounting students.

Today’s event conducted by the Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA) and Ernst and Young demonstrated the array of job opportunities available to economics students. Too often we assume that an economics major can only land us a career working in academia or public policy. However it is important to understand and appreciate the valuable skills and thinking process one can gain from studying economics.

Most importantly it is the analytical thought process gained from the study of economics that makes an economic major so attractive to employers.

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