Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw

Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw

$663,000 HECS debts and the Government’s new strategy

By · September 11th, 2020

Is the Government’s plan to abolish $663,000 HECS debts a necessary measure to minimise wastage of public funds, or is it taking things too far? Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw investigates.

The Unprecedented Panic for Home Gyms

By · April 22nd, 2020

Would you consider non-perishable food to be on the same tier of essentiality as a bench press? Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw explores the factors behind the price signals in today’s market that would certainly advocate for such a bizarre parity.

The economics behind becoming an Instagram influencer

By · March 26th, 2020

Being an Instagram influencer is a legitimate job for many now and has been a game changer for businesses. Gabriel-Chenkov Shaw explores how Instagram has turned the world upside-down.

Climate Change: humanity’s biggest externality

By · September 18th, 2019

Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw explores an economically driven solution to climate change: intervention to fundamentally change the incentives of big polluters.

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