Gigi Foster

Gigi Foster

Gigi Foster is an Associate Professor with the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales, having received her BA from Yale, majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and her PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland. Her research interests and contributions lie in the areas of education, social influence, behavioural economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behaviour in groups.

The absorbing and expanding social science of economics

By · February 16th, 2016

Associate Professor at UNSW School of Economics, Gigi Foster, examines the future of economics, through the lens of social science.

Your economics education: how to travel the path to enlightenment, rather than the road to hell

By · February 25th, 2015

Ten critical pieces of advice for all new economics students, from academic Gigi Foster.

Living Economics Part 3: Consumers, producers, and the evolution of economies

By · October 14th, 2014

Using Darwinism to explain economics: producers as species fighting for survival, innovation as mutation, consumers as the selective environment, and the economy as an ecosystem.

Living Economics Part 2: Stimulus-response on the demand side

By · April 10th, 2014

The psychology of preferences: UNSW’s Gigi Foster delivers her second blog post on social trends that underlie demand, and how economies can be destabilised when these change.

Living Economics Part 1: Stimulus-response on the supply side

By · January 20th, 2014

UNSW researcher Gigi Foster brings to life the seminal ideas of Adam Smith, father of free market economics, in a series of blogs.

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