Past guest writers for ESSA have included: Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich; The Centre for Independent Studies and Dr W. Max Corden; Emeritus Professor of International Economics, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Behavioural economics: a primer

By · March 16th, 2015

The rational man is known well to any classical economist, writes Philip Grossman. But his devilish counterpart, the irrational man, is uncharted territory. Enter behavioural economics.

Letter to the Editors: the party of euphemisms?

By · May 4th, 2014

Ryan Murphy-Moore sends in a spicy response to ESSA writer Matthew Rao’s article, The Age of Euphemisms.

Ethanol: a political hat trick

By · February 8th, 2014

How and when, if ever, should the ethanol industry be subsidised? Ben Brooks from the Left Right Think-Tank talks about the cosy link between biofuel production and politics.

Applying economics in the so-called ‘real world’

By · January 5th, 2014

ESC Chairperson Dr Ron Ben-David presents three intriguing challenges for economic regulators in Victoria to get your analytical minds racing.

Neville Norman: ESSA Q&A Topics

By · August 25th, 2013

Looking for a quick primer on the upcoming ESSA Q&A issues? Read on for Neville Norman’s take on the topics.

It’s Politics, Stupid

By · March 5th, 2013

Amal Varghese critically analyses why the American government is in dire straits both politically and economically and what can be done.

The Importance of Public Choice Theory

By · August 28th, 2012

James Paterson’s view on the Importance of Public Choice Theory

Neville Norman: Q&A Review

By · August 26th, 2012

Neville Norman’s perspective on ESSA Q&A.

Stephen Koukoulas: Q&A Review

By · August 26th, 2012

Stephen Koukoulas shares his view on ESSA Q&A.

Morris Dalton: ESA Panel Event

By · August 26th, 2012

On Monday August 20 at 6pm at the University of Melbourne members were addressed by a panel.

A Bigger Population? The Economic and Planning Implications

By · August 26th, 2012

Professor Max Corden at the recent Q&A event of ESSA on immigration and the two-speed economy.

New Migration Council to fight for a bigger Australia

By · August 12th, 2012

What is the new Migration Council of Australia?

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