Hungy Ye

Hungy Ye

I a third year commerce student who always wondered why the world worked the way it did as a child. Upon graduation from VCE (back in the days) I promptly enrolled into Economics here at the University of Melbourne in order to get answers to the big questions which economics tries to explain; questions such as how do countries become rich and what do people actually refer to when they talk about the 'global financial crisis'. As the research officer on the publications team my job is to find interesting developments around the world and exploring the motives and logic behind why they happen by applying simple principles of economics. Outside of studying I like computers, and is always trying to find new ways to make it run faster.

The Great Deformation

By · December 19th, 2013

David Stockman’s ‘The Great Deformation’: doomsday ramblings or insightful criticism of modern financial systems? Hungy reads to find out.

Reading Hayek: liberty, capitalism and Austrian economics

By · October 6th, 2013

Who was Friedrich Hayek? Hungy Ye looks into the key ideas of the free market’s most influential proponents.

The end of good times? The mining boom re-examined

By · September 2nd, 2013

Hungy examines if the mining boom has really come to an end and what this could potentially mean for the shape of Australia’s future economy.

Will your children have enough to eat?

By · August 25th, 2013

Hungy Ye examines whether the next generation will be living on an empty stomach and, if so, why.

The Rational Fare Evader

By · May 17th, 2013

Thinking about fare evading? Hungy Ye calculates your chances, laying out the cost between touching on, or not touching on, in deciding what is the truly rational choice for all of the commuters out there.

A beginner’s guide to the Federal Budget

By · May 14th, 2013

The Australian federal budget comes out tonight, detailing the government’s financial performance and future plans. Hungy Ye has the rundown on what to expect, and why this whole budget thing is important in the first place.

Chinese GDP and growth: What’s in a number?

By · April 17th, 2013

China has certainly grown exceptionally over the past decade. Can the Middle Kingdom escape what some anticipate to be a middling future?

The BitCoin: ‘In no one we trust’

By · April 14th, 2013

The rise of the BitCoin is documented by Hungy Ye in his analysis of currency and its origins. From the innovative concept used by the BitCoin’s developers to even the breakdown of the Eurozone, Ye tracks the beginning of what could be the next currency revolution.

ESSA Q&A: Panellist Biographies

By · August 12th, 2012

Before they come and answer your most pressing questions, find out a bit more about them.

The Euro Crisis (Continued): Time to make a choice?

By · July 29th, 2012

It is now July 2012, almost three years since the chain of events that set in motion what is now called the Euro Crisis and surprisingly enough, the world is still waist deep in the middle of it.

Slacking Off

By · June 24th, 2012

If you were rational, you’d do it too: Applying finance theory to decision making

A Brief Non-Printing Press, History of Money, Taxes and Debt

By · June 3rd, 2012

Tracing money to its origins: a barter-economy.

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