Hungy Ye

Hungy Ye

I a third year commerce student who always wondered why the world worked the way it did as a child. Upon graduation from VCE (back in the days) I promptly enrolled into Economics here at the University of Melbourne in order to get answers to the big questions which economics tries to explain; questions such as how do countries become rich and what do people actually refer to when they talk about the 'global financial crisis'. As the research officer on the publications team my job is to find interesting developments around the world and exploring the motives and logic behind why they happen by applying simple principles of economics. Outside of studying I like computers, and is always trying to find new ways to make it run faster.

The Billion Dollar Start Up

By · April 29th, 2012

With 840 million active users, the Big Daddy of Social media has a user base that rivals a large portion of the rest of the world combined.

Negative Interest rates: They don’t exist…Or do they? Examining the strange case of the Swiss

By · March 11th, 2012

It’s commonly assumed that interest rates of any sort of debt has to be positive, because it just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

Paying your Dues

By · February 19th, 2012

Ben Franklin, one of the fathers of the United States said that death and taxes are the only constants in life.

The Euro Crisis: Why Greece is broke but Germany won’t do anything about it

By · February 5th, 2012

Anyone reading the news lately would’ve surely caught on that something is amiss in Europe…

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