Henry Lin

Henry Lin

I am currently a second year University of Melbourne Commerce student majoring in Economics and Finance with electives in Financial Accounting. My fascination in economics comes from how different economic concepts and various factors come together to play a vital role in the complex economy. I also feel that economics has a wide influence on people’s daily lives, yet a lot of the time it is misunderstood. In my spare time I enjoy playing futsal and first person shooter games, and I am currently heavily addicted to the TV show Person Of Interest.

The Virtues of Contrariness in Economic Forecasting

By · December 16th, 2012

Following on from the mother of all forecasting blunders – the failure to predict the housing bubble burst and subsequent Global Financial Crisis in late 2007 – can we still trust economic forecasts?

Coca-cola vs. Pepsi: The Economics behind Coke’s Dominance

By · October 17th, 2012

Why is Coke dominating Pepsi, even though they taste and cost the same?

Chinese Steel Makers Diversifying to Pigs not so Silly After All

By · October 3rd, 2012

Comparing steel and pigs. Which makes more money?

Why we aren’t feeling the mining boom?

By · September 19th, 2012

An economic explanation of why we aren’t seeing this mining boom.

Melbourne’s Train Network: Why the State Government is at Fault

By · September 2nd, 2012

A look at Melbourne’s train system.

Why China needs to change the ‘One-Child’ policy now

By · August 26th, 2012

Research article on China’s one-child policy.

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