Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone

I am currently undertaking a Master of International Relations at Monash University. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Monash University) in 2012, majoring in Economics and Finance. I’ve always been passionate and fascinated by economics, and strongly believe that an understanding of basic economic theory will lead to more effective design and implementation of government policies. My current interests include monetary economics and the EU crisis. Outside of university studies and writing for ESSA, I enjoy playing soccer and travel.

Increasing interest in higher education reform

By · October 27th, 2014

Jessica Stone details the heftier interest charges that student loans may soon attract.

It’s all about the gas.

By · October 1st, 2014

Jessica Stone explores the fascinating, political role of natural gas in the context of economic sanctions against Russia.

Lessons learnt from the EU crisis: looking forward

By · March 5th, 2014

Jessica Stone holistically examines the cause, development and impact of the EU crisis.

To be economically free, or not to be? That is the question.

By · October 3rd, 2013

Jessica Stone explores the concept of “Economic Freedom”, and draws out several conclusions made in the Fraser Institute’s report released last week.

What’s the story with Palestine?

By · September 11th, 2013

Jessica Stone explores the economic prospects for Palestine and the challenges it faces politically in attempting to create long term plans and solve issues from dwindling growth to increasing unemployment and barriers to trade.

Syria: the economic costs behind a civil war

By · August 20th, 2013

Jessica Stone zeroes in on the harsh economic impacts of the Syrian civil war.

The rise of China & the decline of the US: Debunking the myth

By · August 9th, 2013

Jessica Stone argues that the ‘Rise of China’ is less fact than fiction. From technological growth, to the provision of military defence and its economy durability, Stone contends that the US significantly outstrips China in proportions that simply can’t be replicated.

Carbon Leakage 101

By · April 28th, 2013

What happens when an emissions intensive economy like Australia imposes a carbon tax? Jessica Stone discusses the phenomenon of ‘carbon leakage.’

To Save, or Not to Save; That is the Question.

By · April 7th, 2013

Jessica Stone discusses how savings rates and the exchange rate have varied greatly between the US and China leading up to- and since- the GFC.

Small country, so what’s the big deal?

By · March 24th, 2013

The small country of Cyprus holds the world’s attention as a litmus test for the rest of the Eurozone.

All Eyes on Japan as New Asia-Pacific Trading Bloc Takes Shape

By · March 12th, 2013

Recent moves towards trade liberalization from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have raised possibilities of a trading bloc that encompasses 40% of global output. However divisions and a strong history of agricultural protectionism may yet derail the planned reforms.

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