Joey Moloney

Joey Moloney

Joey Moloney is an economics honours student at the University of Melbourne. He has previously completed a Bachelor of Arts with majors in politics and media.

Joey joined the ESSA team as a writer as an avenue to share thoughts, ideas and opinions, and to engage in constructive debate with peers. His articles typically centre around the intersection of economics and politics, or economic thought and history. Having a keen interest in exploring heterodox schools of economic thought, Joey believes a more pluralist economics curriculum would prove beneficial to all.

Outside of these arenas, Joey enjoys the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins.

You can follow him on twitter @joeybmoloney.

How Victoria should tax property

By · October 27th, 2014

Joey Moloney explains why moving to a land value tax and away from stamp duty makes economic sense.

The layered reality behind youth employment

By · September 22nd, 2014

The topic of youth employment will feature in ESSA’s upcoming Q&A event. Joey Moloney looks into the issue.

Different approaches to modern freedom: neo-liberalism and neo-republicanism

By · August 5th, 2014

Joey Moloney examines the fundamentals of the most significant ideological contest in the modern era.

Harping on about productivity

By · June 30th, 2014

Joey Moloney explains how the Harper inquiry into competition policy could boost productivity growth.

Pluralism in economics part 2: the broader benefits

By · June 1st, 2014

In the second and final part of the series, Joey Moloney explains how pluralism would create a stronger and more useful economics.

Economic pluralism part 1: why students benefit

By · May 5th, 2014

In part one of a two-part series on pluralism in economics, Joey Moloney outlines a strong case for why all students would benefit.

Did Reaganomics kick-off with a Keynesian stimulus?

By · April 7th, 2014

Joey Moloney assesses a seemingly odd claim that is not short on credibility.

Central command and five year plans: Soviet industrialisation under Stalin

By · March 10th, 2014

Joey Moloney tells the story of Joseph Stalin’s attempts at rapid industrialisation in the pre-World War II era.

Government and the public purpose in Australia

By · February 5th, 2014

Joey Moloney explores the effect of Australia’s ever-increasing affluence on the political expectations of the general public.

Reflections on Australia’s first public policy case competition

By · December 31st, 2013

Joey Moloney re-caps ESSA’s case competition on superannuation, the pension, and the ageing population.

The underemployment problem

By · October 28th, 2013

Joey Moloney looks into a worrying trend in the Australian economy.

The Marxist critique of capitalism: explained but not endorsed

By · September 16th, 2013

Few thinkers have been as influential as Karl Marx. Joey Moloney examines the key ideas proposed by capitalism’s most effective critic.

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