Kathryn St. John

Kathryn St. John

Kathryn joined ESSA in 2012. She finished the Bachelor of Commerce with majors in economics and finance that same year and later completed Honours in Economics. Kathryn has worked in the Faculty of Business and Economics as an economics and finance tutor, and last year was the Head Tutor of Finance 1. Kathryn has also undertaken internships with Cancer Council Victoria and J.P. Morgan & Co. Corporate and Investment Bank. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, debating and volunteering.

Was desalination the right option for Victoria?

By · August 7th, 2015

Why did the Government invest in desalination when cheaper, more environmentally friendly options were available? Kathryn St. John examines a questionable policy decision that we are still paying for.

A hard think about soft drink

By · May 23rd, 2015

The sugar content of soft-drinks and other sugary drinks has been linked with negative health and welfare outcomes. So what measures should be taken by policy-makers? Kathryn St. John evaluates the policy options.

Balancing Australia’s strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific

By · April 10th, 2015

How necessary is it that Australia align its economic and strategic military interests in the Asian century? Kathryn St. John looks at our shifting relationships with the US and China.

Formulating the education agenda: an algebraic approach

By · March 23rd, 2015

2015 was set as the deadline for the Education For All and Millennium Development Goals. Kathryn St. John gives her assessment and offers a road-map moving forward.

Super leagues not playing on a level field

By · February 17th, 2015

Why are Australian superannuation fees so high? Kathryn St. John unpacks a question that is more complicated than first appears.

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