Lachlan Walden

Lachlan Walden

Lachlan Walden is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student at The University of Melbourne majoring in economics and accounting. In 2014 he is an Editor in the Publications team at UoM. Lachlan fundamentally believes in equality by opportunity and asserts that economics is a study that facilitates the achievement of this by – albeit perhaps a simplistic line of reasoning – analysing how best to allocate resources. Besides having an insatiable passion for economics, he ascertains a lot of utility from allocating ‘free’ time in an ostensibly irrational manner towards his core personal interests of public policy, business and the pursuit of optimal holistic health. Follow Lachlan on Twitter: @lachlanwalden


Is the Co-op Bookshop providing value for its members?

By · March 17th, 2014

Monopolies so often get away with price gouging their customers. Examples are all around us and one particular instance seems to go beyond simply prices. Lachlan Walden investigates.

Do we get the politics that we deserve?

By · December 15th, 2013

The Australian political scene is widely considered as having been particularly tumultuous over the
past few years by virtually all political commentators.

A voice of reason

By · October 15th, 2013

While many are concerned about plans for the NBN, Lachlan Walden suggests that the indicated calm and methodical approach of Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull may actually deliver a sound outcome.

When should you upgrade your phone?

By · September 26th, 2013

Lachlan Walden considers how to rationally approach the process of considering the purchase of a new mobile device.

A ‘rational’ guide to voting at an election

By · September 5th, 2013

Which policies should the rational Australian consider when voting in the upcoming election? Lachlan Walden discusses.

An overview of the 2013 Australian federal election campaign

By · August 21st, 2013

What are the tactics of resource allocation behind the chaos of Australian election campaigns? Lachlan Walden examines the current approaches.

Should you read this?

By · June 12th, 2013

Walden explores what goes on behind every decision. Have you made yours yet?

The economics behind the politics of the federal budget

By · May 19th, 2013

The political smarts and motivations behind the Federal Budget explained.

Has inflation targeting become a sporting event?

By · May 5th, 2013

Recent mainstream media reporting on the monthly RBA meetings may be in dire need of some reworking.

Will the Gonski reforms mean higher teacher salaries?

By · April 21st, 2013

You may give a Gonski, but is that enough to patch up our education system?

Superannuation: an incentive to save or upper-class welfare?

By · April 7th, 2013

Have the latest proposals on superannuation policy reform done enough to ensure a sustainable and equitable system?

A ‘rational’ analysis of the ALP leadership debacle

By · March 24th, 2013

The what and why of this week’s big political news.

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