Laura Mulligan

Laura Mulligan

I am a student at Monash University, currently undertaking my final honours year in economics, having completed a bachelor of Commerce. Before studying Commerce I completed a bachelor of Pharmacy and I have been working in community pharmacy for 6 years. I decided to study economics mainly because of my interest in health economics. I believe more focus needs to be dedicated to improving efficiency in this area of public spending given the continually rising costs of Medicare. I also have a passion for development economics, particularly the improvement of health outcomes for those living in less developed countries. I decided to become involved in ESSA because I love writing and researching current economic issues.

A brief history of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

By · October 23rd, 2013

Is it or isn’t it a real Nobel Prize? Laura Mulligan takes a look at the surprising history and prior controversies of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

AusAID: why Australia and the world’s poorest need it

By · September 30th, 2013

Is Australia pulling its weight when it comes to foreign aid? Laura Mulligan investigates reasons for the government’s decision to scrap AusAID.

Replacing Bernanke: who should be next head of the Federal Reserve?

By · September 14th, 2013

In the lead up to Obama’s decision, Laura Mulligan compares the candidates for successor to Ben Bernanke at the United States Federal Reserve.

Bangladesh field trip – Part Two

By · August 23rd, 2013

Laura Mulligan explains Ramadan’s effect on productivity, and why she had to drink water in private.

Honours ‘field’ trip: Two weeks in Bangladesh – Part One

By · August 8th, 2013

Laura Mulligan documents her fascinating and impromptu trip to Bangladesh, where from hartels to brothels Laura joined in fieldwork being undertaken on her honours thesis.

Is Skywhale an Economic Abomination?

By · May 29th, 2013

Is artwork, such as the infamous Skywhale, a legitimate public good? Laura Mulligan takes a closer look at Government spending on the arts.

North Korea and the Wisdom of Economic Sanctions

By · April 28th, 2013

North Korea continues to pose nuclear threats to the global community to this day. Why haven’t the 60 years of economic sanctions worked to subdue this threat?

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