Marco Madzzar

Marco Madzzar

Secular stagnation: looking to a gloomy future

By · August 20th, 2015

What explains the sluggish economic growth in the developed world? Marco Madzzar discusses.

Balance sheet recessions: another economic fallacy?

By · March 26th, 2015

Marco Madzzar reflects on a new book by economist Richard Koo and its promise of resolving the economic malaise troubling the developed world.

Dealing at arms-length: sinking dubious tax havens

By · May 20th, 2014

Marco Madzzar delves into the world of the Apple Corporation and how loopholes in transfer pricing rules has led to massive and blatant tax avoidance.

Fear of deflation re-ignites in the Eurozone

By · April 22nd, 2014

Marco Madzzar analyses the economics underlying the re-emerging fears of deflation in the Eurozone

Capitalism in Crisis: Income Inequality in the US

By · March 25th, 2014

Marco Madzzar analyses the US post-GFC and explains the concerning trends of growing income inequality that the US faces.

Still uncharted territory – post-crisis central banking

By · February 14th, 2014

With the Bernanke reign coming to an end last week, Marco Madzzar reflects on the performance of the Federal Reserve during the global financial crisis, and looks to the new economic landscape for the Federal Reserve under Yellen in the post-GFC era.

Free trade nations

By · December 17th, 2013

As Australia seeks a slice of the TPP, Marco Madzzar considers the merits of free trade with respect to agriculture.

Youth unemployment in the EU

By · July 10th, 2013

Marco Madzzar addresses the concerning lack of employment prospects for the youth around Europe, the pressing need for reform to EU policy with respect to declining productive capacities. Following the potential slowing of quantitative easing, Madzzar warns that the future of the EU and its youth is at best uncertain.

Two Sides of Politics – A Fiscal Tug of War

By · March 14th, 2013

With an election looming, Labor’s failure to achieve its promised budget surplus has been a potent political weapon for the Coalition. But is pursuing a surplus sound economic policy for Australia?

Keynesian Euphoria to Budgetary Restraint

By · March 3rd, 2013

Marco explores a variety reasons as to why governments’ fiscal policies have been relatively ineffective.

Impetus for Intervention: Not So Good for Global Trade

By · January 13th, 2013

Should the Fed and other central banks be allowed to manipulate the value of their currency?

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