Matthew Rao

Matthew Rao

Matthew Rao is in his fourth year at La Trobe University studying a double degree in accounting and economics. Matthew has joined the ESSA writing team this year to dissect a variety of political and economic issues and in doing so, hopefully provide some clarity for an interested audience. Matthew has a keen interest in political economy, especially in the United States, and believes that with a proper understanding of economics in both the theoretical and historical sense; public policy can become more equitable. His guitar and his unreasonable desire to play like Jimi Hendrix takes up the rest of his time.

Trump: how did we get here?

By · November 6th, 2016

Matthew Rao dissects why we currently find ourselves awash in populism, from Trump to UKIP and everything inbetween.

Tax me if you can

By · May 18th, 2015

We need a lucid tax discussion, but the language of our leaders suggests we won’t get it, says Matthew Rao.

Free speech and the free market: comparable?

By · April 17th, 2015

Can simple economic frameworks be applied to the free speech debate? Matthew Rao believes so.

Unemployment v Fiscal Instability: Which is the greater threat?

By · March 31st, 2015

Matthew Rao determines whether unemployment should take hold of the national consciousness

Obama’s last shot

By · December 17th, 2014

Matthew Rao outlines the two key areas the Obama administration must focus on in its remaining years.

Does Abenomics deserve a mandate?

By · December 10th, 2014

Matthew Rao examines the impact of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic approach two years on.

Economic growth and climate policy: mutually exclusive?

By · October 12th, 2014

Matthew Rao shows how economic growth and political success can be reached through suitable climate policy.

What we can and should do about IS

By · September 15th, 2014

Matthew Rao applies rational thinking to how civilisation should approach the Islamic State.

The cost of the repeal

By · August 17th, 2014

Matthew Rao explains why the carbon tax should have never been politicised.

Why austerity is failing

By · July 13th, 2014

Matthew Rao examines the merits of the two main approaches to dealing with global economic stagnation.

Germany and the Euro

By · June 15th, 2014

Matthew Rao explains how Germany has been the Eurozone’s worst enemy rather than its saviour.

The left’s failure of Ukraine

By · May 18th, 2014

Matthew Rao provides an explanation for why the American left has let down Ukraine.

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