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Gina Rinehart tells big fat porkie-pies about struggling miners

Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest and most mendacious mining magnate, spoke to the Australian Miners and Metals Conference last week.

In her speech, she accused the greedy government of treating the mining sector like an ATM. When she wasn’t throwing stones in glass houses, Gina was arguing that Australians had gotten too big for their boots and should “not be too proud to admit that we’re really just a large island with a small population with record debt.”

If Gina were speaking at a conference in 1946, she would be undeniably correct.

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Budget Cutting the ABC is Crony Capitalism

May’s edition of Quadrant Magazine gave Tom Switzer space to argue ‘Why the ABC Should Be Privatised.’ Tom Switzer is a fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, a free market think-tank that gave birth to the Liberal Party of Australia in the 1940s.

Assuming Tony Abbott and his Coalition win the 2013 election, Switzer argues “budget cuts will most certainly be on the legislative agenda if only to save tax dollars. But privatisation—or at least rationalisation—of the public broadcaster remains a sound policy option.”

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Geoengineering a new climate: a story of moral hazard

In the latest episode of his satirical news show Mad As Hell Shaun Micallef made light of the inefficacy of European Union’s emissions trading scheme – due the economic slowdown the carbon price has dropped so severely that it no longer serves as a disincentive pollute.

“Isn’t the market and the need for economies to continue growing generally the problem? If the whole point of the exercise is to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet surely it’s in everyone’s interest for the financial crisis in Europe to continue. If no one makes anything and the factories keep closing, then it doesn’t matter what you’re charging to use your emissions.”

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West Papua – Genocide and Economic Marginalisation

Just some 300km north of our borders human rights violations are being committed on a vast scale. Torture, rape, extrajudicial killings, false imprisonment, and violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations are happening en masse, and it’s all being carried out in West Papua – one of Australia’s closest neighbours.

There has been a movement for West Papuan independence from Indonesia for half a century and this article, amongst other things, will hopefully show how economics is exacerbating the problem faced by the West Papuan people.

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Value of Care

Michael Roddan discusses several key fiscal policies that are affecting women in the workplace.