Naomi Smith

Naomi Smith

Naomi is a second year Bachelor of Arts student studying Economics and Politics at the University of Melbourne. As the Head Editor of the Society her roles includes managing the Staff of Writers team and content which is published on the ESSA website.

In the long term Naomi would like to work in public policy. In particular, she has strong interest in educational policy and development and behavioural economists. It was due to these passions that she joined ESSA - she wanted to be able to meet to have conversations about issues that she truly cared about.

In her spare time Naomi likes to investigate strange conspiracy theories (she swears she does not believe in them), listen to podcasts, and tear up the basketball court showing her inner Troy Bolton (Get your head in the game!). Although those interests make for pretty wild life, she also loves an occasional political debate especially about  feminism and modern history.

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