Nigel Pereira

Nigel Pereira

Gateway to global opportunity

By · October 3rd, 2020

The best discoveries are those that we search for without knowing what it is we expect to find.

ESSA X CAINZ Debate: Is a zero cash rate necessary for Australia’s recession recovery?

By · September 20th, 2020

Stimulating the economy, is the latest question on everyone’s mind, but how do we do it? Join ESSA and Cainz as the debate the importance of a zero-cash rate in recovering from recessions.

ESSA X Cainz DEBATE: “Has Abenomics been successful in Japan?”

By · September 12th, 2020

A dawn sets on the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ as Prime Minister Shizo Abe resigns. Thus, we examine the effectiveness of the policies implemented over his term for Japan.

Economics of media

By · August 9th, 2020

Join Nigel as he delves into the psychoanalysis of what media truly is.

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