Olivia Robins

Olivia Robins

Olivia is an Economics Honours student at the University of Melbourne. She found her love of economics through her mum, a high-school economics teacher. Since taking economics on a whim at school, Olivia found the social-science a better fit than her chemistry and physics subjects.

When not studying, Olivia loves to write. This passion drew her to ESSA in the first place, becoming part of the staff of writers in 2014. Her other passions include netball, reading, eating food and being a great person. You can find her at ESSA events permanently fixed at the refreshments table.

Unsolicited advice from an Honours student

By · February 29th, 2016

When Olivia Robins started uni, she had it all planned out. The lesson she learned when she realised those plans weren’t right for her has a ring of familiarity for students at all stages of their uni careers.

Do you have what it takes to be a YouTube star?

By · May 25th, 2015

Olivia Robins observes YouTubers in their natural habitat, preparing herself for her one shot at making it big.

Price discrimination and the expanding retail market in Australia

By · March 6th, 2015

Economics student Olivia Robins just wanted to buy an iPhone. To her dismay, she found out that it would cost nearly three times more in Australia than it would in the US. Find out why.

Not so super

By · October 13th, 2014

Olivia Robins challenges whether we are actually better off with less superannuation.

Ross Garnaut and the state of China’s emissions

By · September 8th, 2014

Olivia Robins recaps and adds her two cents to Professor Garnaut’s public lecture at the University of Melbourne.

The surging housing market

By · August 11th, 2014

Olivia Robins anticipates the difficulties for young adults entering the real estate market.

Messy games

By · July 13th, 2014

Olivia Robins pays the price for her messy room.

Old folks, new monopolists: the age of the nursing home

By · June 9th, 2014

Olivia Robins discusses the dangers of market power in nursing homes.

Taxing online shoppers: should we decrease the GST threshold?

By · May 12th, 2014

Olivia Robins explores possible avenues for increasing GST revenue.

Finger lickin’ good: will Australia get a taste for a sugar tax?

By · April 14th, 2014

Olivia Robins examines the viability of a sugar tax in our society today.

The economics of the tourist rip-off

By · March 30th, 2014

Olivia Robins uses game theory to explain how one small Belgian café’s costs have been changed by globalisation.

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