Suvi Lokuge

Suvi Lokuge

Suvi is a fourth year Bachelor of Economics (honours) student at Monash University. She is currently Director of Publications for ESSA, having progressed from the roles of Editor, Editor for Equilibrium (our annual magazine) and Writer.

Tired of assumptions that economics is solely about money and markets, Suvi joined ESSA to portray economics in a fairer light.

Suvi spends her leisure time outdoors kayaking and bouldering. On her less adventurous days, she can be found curled up with her rescued greyhound, watching netflix or playing (the very addictive) xbox cooking game with her boyfriend.

You get what you pay for: Behavioural economics and the GFC

By · May 20th, 2017

Although there were many causes of the Global Financial Crisis, it is evident that the irrational behaviour of individuals had a huge role to play.

A major behavioural factor that contributed to the GFC was risk-taking behaviour; both by the employees at financial institutions, and by the general public.

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2017 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

Immigrants are not stealing your jobs

By · May 12th, 2017

Using economic models, Suvi Lokuge examines immigration policy and attempts to answer the age-old question – do immigrants steal jobs from native workers?

Does it pay to be smart?

By · March 10th, 2017

Intelligence is highly valued in our society. But how much is it worth? Suvi Lokuge delves into the intelligence premium and the effect of technology on the value of intelligence.

The cost of Free

By · February 22nd, 2017

The life of a university student is peppered with free stuff. But are free things always worth getting? Suvi Lokuge delves into the hidden costs of Free.

In defence of a Facebook addiction

By · November 23rd, 2016

Rest assured, you can be a rational addict.

The Economics of Sharing

By · August 31st, 2016

Sharing is an everyday phenomenon that we often take for granted. Lokuge explores the question of whether we are sharing efficiently.

The Economics of Beauty and Discrimination

By · August 3rd, 2016

Suvi Lokuge investigates whether it pays to be pretty.

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2016 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

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