Tom Xia

Tom Xia

The Global Consulting Project: the ‘capstone’ commerce experience

By · December 31st, 2013

Gaining consultancy experience in a foreign environment and having the time of your life – Tom Xia recounts his time working in Thailand as part of the Global Consulting Project.

Hosting the Olympics – a winning strategy?

By · October 24th, 2013

Following the announcement of the 2020 Tokyo Games, Tom Xia analyses the intricacies of hosting the Olympic Games and whether it brings prosperity to the host nation.

Average is Better

By · October 4th, 2013

Tom Xia explores the lessons economics teaches us when selecting a suitable partner.

Consequences of the university funding cuts

By · September 12th, 2013

Tom Xia examines the jarring effects of the university funding cuts proposed to help fund and implement the Gonski reforms, specifically its impact upon the welfare of the university student body.

To gym, or not to gym

By · August 24th, 2013

Economic rationalist Tom Xia explains why going to the gym is so difficult, and offers a solution.

Behind the profitability of the video-game industry

By · May 21st, 2013

With arcades a faded memory, quarters won’t cut it when it comes to video games. Tom explains how we fuel a multi-billion dollar industry.

The economics of choosing to go to law school

By · May 5th, 2013

Tom Xia explores whether or not enrolling into law school is an economically sound decision.

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