William Johnson

William Johnson

William Johnson is a first-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Melbourne, hoping to major in finance and economics. He has a particular interest in American history and finance, and tries to tie this in with his article writing. He began writing economics article-writing in VCE and has won various prizes for his work, including the 2013 ‘Young Business Manager of the Year’. William is also completing his book based upon canada’s banking system when he is not fulfilling his music or sporting interests.

The Bretton Woods summit

By · October 20th, 2014

William Johnson takes a look back at the conference that changed post-war economics.

Superbowl: A marketing cult

By · September 1st, 2014

How the sporting arena has developed into an entire economy.


By · August 19th, 2014

Where mass hysteria met economics.

Interrogation, dominance and control

By · May 26th, 2014

How family crime squads have denied Italy its prosperity.

The Icelandic pandemic

By · April 28th, 2014

How one small country experienced history’s largest systematic banking collapse

Abolishing the Federal Reserve

By · March 31st, 2014

Why ending the Fed could be one of the best decisions America ever makes.

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