Yannis Goutzamanis

Yannis Goutzamanis

I am in my third year studying a double degree in Commerce and Law at Monash University. I first became interested in economics because I wanted to understand the causes and consequences of many of the events and debates I saw in the media. I have learnt that Economics does far more than explain high profile world events though. Economics can be used to analyse any situation where a choice is made. This is why it is such a broad and enjoyable area to study. Outside of academia, I enjoy chess, anime, reading and sport. Follow me on twitter @Yannis_Goutz

Crowdfunding: Finance goes Indie

By · August 7th, 2013

Yannis Goutzamanis explores the economics behind crowdfunding, a new way for budding entrepreneurs to fund their ideas through the simple click of a button. Slowly overcoming regulatory issues, the low transaction costs mean a gradually increasing reputation and presence of this innovative process.

Corporate Raiders or Job Creators?

By · July 3rd, 2013

Yannis Goutzamanis discusses the effects that private equity has on the wider economy.

Saul Eslake, and the duty of economists to improve public policy debate

By · April 28th, 2013

Yannis Goutzamanis reflects on the Inaugural Neville Norman Lecture with Saul Eslake.

Enough chairs to go around: Immigration and employment

By · April 14th, 2013

Yannis Goutzamanis addresses common misconceptions about the relationship between immigration intake and the availability of full time employment.

What’s in a name?

By · March 31st, 2013

Yannis Goutzamanis, or John Goutzamanis, addresses the economic costs associated with name prejudice within the employment sector. The potential utility of having an Anglicised name is weighed up against a consumer’s overall utility equation.

Fat Tax: Will it go Belly Up?

By · March 11th, 2013

As the policy debate on how to tackle Australia’s obesity epidemic heats up, Yannis Goutzamanis analyses the proposition of a fat tax from an economic perspective.

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