ETS is the right policy, it just might not be the right time

By · February 21st, 2012

After passing through both Houses of Parliament, Australia will officially have an emissions trading scheme on July 1st 2012, which will take the form of a carbon tax for its first three years before moving to a flexible price carbon trading market in 2015.

Paying your Dues

By · February 19th, 2012

Ben Franklin, one of the fathers of the United States said that death and taxes are the only constants in life.

A Game of Theories (Episode 1)

By · February 19th, 2012

Psychologists refer to game theory as the theory of social situations.

Happy Valentines Day, from Helicopter Ben!

By · February 13th, 2012

You can do your part for the local economy by partaking in tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!

Standing in the Way

By · February 12th, 2012

The essence behind Free-Market ‘capitalism’ is the idea that the provision of incentives create a response within a particular market.

Car Subsidies Delaying the Inevitable

By · February 12th, 2012

The Federal government announced recently that they will continue to support the Australian car industry through ‘co-investment’

The Euro Crisis: Why Greece is broke but Germany won’t do anything about it

By · February 5th, 2012

Anyone reading the news lately would’ve surely caught on that something is amiss in Europe…


By · February 5th, 2012

The concept of microfinance has gained popularity recently through stories of grand success and its promise as a panacea for global poverty.

Should South Africa Legalise the Rhino Horn Trade?

By · January 29th, 2012

Rhino hunting has reached record heights in South Africa, prompting the government to address requests for establishing a legal market of Rhino horns to combat poaching. Rhinos are currently on the ICUN Red List as critically endangered. Conservation society WWF estimated the Black Rhino population has decrease by 95% since the 1980s, from 75,000 to […]


By · January 29th, 2012

My opinion is that globalisation is essential for dealing with poverty. While programs like World Vision’s ADP may be helpful, I would argue they are only a small part of the effort in relieving poverty, because while the motive may seem more pure, it may be a smaller pool of energy to draw from.

The Unhealthy Surplus Obsession

By · January 29th, 2012

One of Australia’s prominent business commentators, Alan Kohler, summed it up perfectly in his contribution to today’s Business Spectator: As everyone in business knows, a forecast is just a forecast. In times like these, it’s not even that; it’s a guess that you hope won’t look too stupid. The chances that Wayne Swan, dubbed the […]

Academic Advice Day Launch!

By · January 23rd, 2012

Today was ESSA’s first public appearance at University of Melbourne’s Academic Advice Day! While the first year Commerce students of 2012 gathered for Academic Advice Day at the Spot, Joan and Esther set up an information stand along with other Commerce societies in the foyer. With the lure of a shiny exhibition banner and lollies […]

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