Election 2016: Youth unemployment

By · July 1st, 2016

Sam O’Connor compares the two major parties’ policies on their proposals to help young jobseekers find employment.

Election 2016: Unimelb Presidents’ Pitches

By · July 1st, 2016

So, after 8 weeks of gaffes, selfies and high-vis vests, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Tomorrow, Australians cast their vote to decide our political future (at least for the next few months, before our traditional mid-term ministerial mutiny). Over the last 24 hours, ESSA has brought you comprehensive coverage on this election’s big […]

Election 2016: Industrial Relations

By · July 1st, 2016

Andrew Wong examines Industrial Relations, and in particular Penalty Rates

Election 2016: Indigenous Affairs

By · July 1st, 2016

Sarah Abell examines the major parties’ positions on Indigenous Affairs.

Election 2016: Higher Education

By · July 1st, 2016

Tom Crowley compares Labor, the Coalition and the Greens on higher education policy.

Election 2016: Marriage Equality

By · July 1st, 2016

Laura Foo answers your questions on the marriage equality debate this election.

Election 2016: Childcare

By · July 1st, 2016

Priyanka Banerjee unpacks the complex issue of Childcare policy

Election 2016: School Education

By · July 1st, 2016

Paris Henkel compares the major parties on education

Election 2016: Housing

By · July 1st, 2016

Michael Xing continues our election coverage with a look at housing policy.

The (empty) ideas boom

By · June 30th, 2016

We’ve heard many times that it’s the most exciting time to ever be an Australian. Both major political parties are firmly on board the innovation bandwagon, but how innovative are their policies, really?

Election 2016: The NBN

By · June 30th, 2016

In the first of ESSA’s election policy explainers, Asanga Seneviratne takes a look at the parties’ policies on the NBN.

The problems with Australia’s political duopoly

By · June 21st, 2016

Australia appears to be stuck in a political quagmire, with neither major party offering concrete solutions to the challenges facing the nation’s future. What can be done? Andrew Wong makes the case for why you should send the two major Australian political parties a message on July 2.

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