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The Market for Beauty

Aristotle is quoted as saying: “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” Perhaps he was waxing poetic about the soul, or perhaps he was foreseeing beauty-based discrimination in the labour market. Joel Lee explores the phenomenon of beauty premiums in the workplace and how economics can help us resolve it.

The new Silk Road: Cementing Beijing’s global influence

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has spread all over the world. Is it a generous development scheme for countries that the West has left behind? Or is it a threat to the independence of developing states? Join Wes as he discusses the initiative and Beijing’s motivations behind it.

Fuel to the fire: The economics (and politics) of petroleum

Fuel prices have been at the forefront of economic and policy discussion in recent days. How is that prices can shoot up practically overnight, but take months to recover? What can economic principles tell us about the petroleum industry? And what are the political implications? Join Max as he answers all of these questions in his latest article.