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Reverse auctions and how to score the perfect bargain

By · August 15th, 2016

Laura Foo takes a look at online auction platform, Akagu, to see whether its non-traditional auction style really does mean that you can score a fantastic deal on designer items.

An economist’s lunch: optimisation in the Union House food court

By · July 31st, 2016

Sabre Konidaris takes the calculator to the counter in a quest to find the most efficient lunch on campus

An innovative solution to drug policing?

By · July 7th, 2016

Can you incentivise a drug dealer to rat on the competition? Roland Allen channels his inner Escobar to find out.

Nominal Interest: Semester 1 Finale

By · June 2nd, 2016

Catch up on the last episode for Semester 1, for a peek into the future of AI and a magical discussion of economics and fantasy.

Why the long queue?

By · June 1st, 2016

If you’re a self-confessed “foodie,” you’re probably all too familiar with long queues to eat at your favourite trendy establishments. You’ve probably never stopped, however, to think about the economics of those annoying queues. Aleisha Hall explores the science of queuing.

The $350 million match

By · May 26th, 2016

You might not have heard of it, but it’s the biggest sporting contest in the world when it comes to its monetary value. Sam O’Connor explains the riches of the Championship play-off final.

Harry Potter and the Economics of Magic

By · May 24th, 2016

The world of Harry Potter is one of fantastical spells, fearsome creatures and powerful witches and wizards. However, Harry and his friends are not immune from the very same economic factors and concepts that also affect us Muggles. Read on to discover the economics behind J.K. Rowling’s magical world.

The human condition: the economy’s worst enemy

By · May 15th, 2016

Economic downturns and market crashes have long been accepted by society as the norm, yet we find ourselves in deeper holes as each financial crisis hits us. Is there a reason? Andrew Wong explains that we are the reason.


By · April 24th, 2016

Tom Crowley joins in the hype ahead of Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Free Parking? No Such Thing

By · March 1st, 2016

Edmund Kemsley gives the economic rationale behind Monash University’s unpopular parking system. The verdict? It could be worse.

Learning to Pay – The Hefty Price of Textbooks

By · February 24th, 2016

Its that time of the year when students are reminded of the often exorbitant prices of textbooks. Eddie Go provides the story behind the price tag.

The Economics of Brunch

By · January 10th, 2016

Louise Yun examines the reasons for Melbourne’s exploding ‘brunch’ culture and the future of dining in the city.

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